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“…the ultimate definition of personalized service.”
Dom always asks: “How many people have handled the important service of taking care of your hair since you can remember?” Most people find themselves only counting on one hand no matter what age they are. “You find yourself going back to the same person year after year for one reason; you’re totally satisfied with what this individual provides to you on a very consistent basis; that’s the ultimate definition of personalized service."

“This is the level of service we set out to provide for our customers because delivering a critical item within an hour from the time it’s called in is also a service that requires this level of attention; there is no room for error. So we work to provide something that is near impossible to duplicate.”

Exactly how do you get the best service money can buy with Crystal Cargo?

First of all, you get the owners of Crystal Cargo handling your account.

The owners of Crystal Cargo are the ones that organize all your deliveries and address all your concerns. Knowing that absolutely no one is ever going be able to get you better results in a business that moves this fast, they vowed to never hire salespeople or customer service reps to handle these responsibilities.

Second; you get your account handled with far more integrity than what you have experienced in the past.

Dom recalls: "One of the many deficiencies we experienced with the local courier companies was never being able to get a straight answer from them when things went wrong. That always surprised me because those are the times reputations are made in any business."

Judy contributes: "If an order comes in at 8:00 a.m. that needs to be delivered by 9:00 a.m., and it looks like the best we're going to be able to guarantee is 10:00; we'll tell the customer that. This level of honesty (before we even take the job) gives the customer the option to make other arrangements to keep their customer happy."

Third; you get Delivery Personnel that you are proud to have representing you.

Crystal Cargo understands how important it is to provide people that present a positive appearance while always demonstrating professional, cooperative, and courteous attitudes.

While working with several Graphic Arts companies, Judy remembers: "I was surprised to see how many drivers the courier companies had working for them that did not present a professional appearance; and to the extent that customers would complain. Obviously these owners still don't seem to be too concerned about this aspect of their business, because new customers continue to switch to us just for this reason alone."

Dominick believes: "One of the key components to our success is maintaining an environment of mutual respect for everyone that drives for us, free of discrimination, where everyone is treated as the integral part of the Crystal Cargo family that they are. Our customers see the drivers every day, which is a lot more than they see us, so it is important they give our customers what they expect and deserve . . . every day."

Fourth; you get a real live person answering the phone when you call Crystal Cargo.

Everyone is experiencing the rapid decline in personalized service with absolutely every business today; and it's no different in the transportation industry.

But at Crystal Cargo they believe when you need to speak to someone to get things done, you shouldn't have to waste your valuable time pressing one for this, two for that, (etc, etc, etc). So they don't have an automated system answering their phones during working hours like some of the other guys do; and they never will.

Only a live person answers the phone at Crystal Cargo; every time. And when they answer, they always identify themselves each and every time, so you don't even waste that second of time asking: "who is this?"

So it's not as though Crystal Cargo doesn't believe in the latest technology, quite the contrary, they just know when and where it needs to be applied, to make things easier for their customers, not themselves.

Fifth; you get 21st Century technology working for you at Crystal Cargo.

Their system is so sophisticated, that it tracks your deliveries in real time; has a GPS that sees the exact location of all their drivers in real time; indicates the speed in which all their vehicles are moving in real time; continuously calculates the duration of their trips in real time, and it digitally provides the actual signature of the person who signed for your delivery in real time.

To take advantage of all this technology, all you have to do is have Crystal Cargo remotely install their Order Form icon on your computer and/or smartphone; it only takes a minute. Their Order Form remembers all the information you enter the first time (so the next time you start typing, it automatically fills in the rest) and it also stores your delivery history in a folder that has limitless capacity.

Sixth; you get a Transportation company doing their part with going green.

Their Order Form also allows you to have all your Bills-of-Lading produced digitally and stored in your computer. So if you prefer, the usual 5-part Bill-of-Lading produced for every single one of your deliveries can now be totally eliminated.

Seventh; you get all of these upgraded services while saving money and being totally protected.

How can they provide the best rates around? They work their own business, they have no rents, mortgages or leases to pay on real estate, nor do they owe on any of their constantly upgraded equipment; so everything they use, they own. This keeps their overhead to the lowest of any of their competition of equal and greater firepower.

So any of the competition (that operates as totally legal as Crystal Cargo) with all the proper licenses and insurances necessary to protect their customers, and their customer's customers, in every state of the U.S., find it impossible to compete.