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Founder Dominick Pupa began his career in the early 70's with a major Civil Engineering firm here on Long Island. His work there culminated with being in charge of field operations (at the age of 27) for a billion dollar heavy construction public works project that employed over 350 people.

He then started a Graphic Arts firm in the early 80's. An industry heavily dependent on Same Day Courier and Trucking services. "We literally tried every one of these companies on Long Island and no matter how many chances we gave them or how much we communicated, they just couldn't accommodate us. So we decided the only way to raise the level of service to where we needed it to be was by opening our own (Crystal Cargo) in 1985."

His wife Barbara, who worked as an executive in the transportation industry for 15 years since she graduated college, brought her expertise to the table and is involved with the administrative end of the business.

They immediately recruited Judy Tesoro; a highly organized Department Manager that handled statistics for the same Engineering firm and also later worked a few years within the Graphic Arts industry. She became a co-owner who is responsible for the operations end of the business.

Judy states: "Working in the Graphic Arts also made me aware of these grave deficiencies, so when we started our own company we simply made note of all these weaknesses and did what we had to do to make it significantly better."